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Long Stay Visa

It is highly recommended that candidates should apply for a long stay visa in their home countries as the French Government does not allow an application in its own country.

You will be sent back home to apply and wait the minimum two months. The personal appearance is required for long-stay visas.

Below are the requirements to apply for a long stay visa:

  • A valid Passport with three months validity after the last day of stay
  • Four long stay visa application forms signed by applicant. It should be printed in black and email and phone numbers should be mentioned.
  • Minimum five recent passport size photographs.
  • A proof of residence.
  • Employment evidence from the resident country.
  • Letter from bank showing that you have sufficient funds.
  • A notarized declaration of your sponsor stating that he/she will be responsible for all your expenses and a proof of his/her financial means. (+ 3 copies).
  • Health insurance certificate with coverage valid in France (+ 3 copies) and a letter from the insurance company.
  • Police clearance certificate from applicant’s city of residence (+ 3 copies). It is better to obtain this record as early as possible, since some police stations take a few weeks to issue the record.
  • A note signed by the applicant with date, stating that he/she does not have any intentions to participate in a paid professional activity in France which requires a work permit.
  • For the spouse of a French citizen, the "livret de famille" (marriage license) is needed. The French citizen must prove his/her nationality.

Processing fee: payment can be done by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Cash is accepted only if you apply in person. No personal checks.

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