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About France

Local companies improve the content of the Masters program, participate in lectures and share experiences. They offer internships and recruit graduates into good positions.

The quality, relevance and standard of French higher education, is recognized throughout the world. French institutions figure prominently among top Universities.

Each year, France makes heavy investments in Education and Research. 20% of the government spending is taken by education. The tuition fee is lower than the UK. Paris won the QS Best Student City award in 2012. Funding and study grants in France are given depending on individual compulsions. Research Allowances, assistance for accommodation and transport, are available to students. International students will get all the grants from The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

The student needs to be fairly competent in French before starting the studies. Another option is to spend a gap year in France and acquire sufficient proficiency and competence in French. Success in Manufacturing, Technology, Science, Space, Transportation, Medicine, Mathematics, and in Nobel prizes clearly depict France as a leader in innovation and research.

France has accredited Research Laboratories, professionals and renowned experts. It has a vision to enhance the quality, capacity, and visibility of the region's laboratories and improve the conditions under which young researchers are trained.

With the fashionable Paris as its capital its charm and grandeur rubs off on visitors and everyone falls in love with it. It has a unique life and is the best place to pick ideas. The capital city and its famous and the Eiffel Tower are a milestone remembered and respected by the people and the visitors.

It is a subtle and creative country.

It can be regarded as a picturesque, pleasant, and pretty country with cheerful people.

It has regard for law and a taste for beauty and is inhabited by fashionable people and philosophers.

France is associated with passion, beauty, political revolutions, social reforms, a belief in progress and human perfectibility. Its traditions have stood the test of time.

It is fascinating and aware of its own place in the world. it is touched by nostalgia, and marked with brilliance in many fields and all round achievements. The French people are inspired and enriched by its past. The admirable fact about France is that it has no half measures. It is thoughtful, sublime, beautiful and always hates mediocrity.

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